Whistler Trip

We all went for a nice weekend trip away from Vancouver and out to Whistler last weekend.
Nope, the slopes aren’t open for ski/snowboard season yet, which is unfortunate because we’re really looking forward to spending a lot of time on the slopes this season. The season opens up at the end of November, so it’s still over a month away. We are super pumped about it though. The slopes in Calgary are alright and we enjoy them just fine, but they just can’t compete with Whistler/Blackcomb; at least that’s the way it sounds from what we’ve been hearing. We’ll just have to wait and find out I guess. Can’t wait!

Our next trip out to Whistler will definitely be to get onto the mountain and do some skiing/snowboarding. This trip we just decided to go check things out so we’d be all ready to rock the next time we’re in Whistler, and because we needed something to do last weekend.

The ride out to Whistler
We loved the limo ride from the last post when Elliot delivered his wonderful surprise. After that day we were hooked. What better time to get another limo than for our trip to Whistler?

We got Elliott to call up the same limousine company but they were all booked up and don’t normally do trips out to Whistler. So, we did a bit of searching, got some quotes and we ended up going with a company called KJ Limousine. They’ve got a pretty good Vancouver to Whistler deal where they give you $75 off if you book a limo round trip. In total, a round trip is about 5 hours driving time (2.5 hours each way) so depending on the vehicle you take, $75 is between a half hour to an hour for free. Not bad considering it’s 5 hours round trip!

Nice promo vid too:


We were originally going to take a full sized stretch limo but Hing, the owner at KJ Limousine, said that most people tend to take the big (non-stretch) SUV up to Whistler instead of a full sized stretch limo. He knows best and we weren’t going to argue with him. Besides, going with the SUV was actually much cheaper than going with the stretch SUV. Maybe a little less cool, but that’s ok. We didn’t mind saving “too cool for school” time for the slopes.

One of Owen’s funny friends Stan (from his stand-up comedy days) came to join us for the trip.

So we took the limo/suv from Vancouver to Whistler—a beautiful scenic drive up the Sea to Sky Highway, which is much more enjoyable and easier to appreciate when you have a chauffeur driving you. It really is like they say in most cheesy limo ads… “just sit back, kick your feet up, relax, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the ride”.

On the way there, we saw this pretty wicked looking mining museum with one of those gigantic mining trucks outside. Britannia Mine Museum—gotta check that out next time.

Stan and Owen cracked us up pretty well the whole way there and back. Owen’s usually pretty funny by himself, but when you combine the two of them together, it’s really something else.
I would try to re-enact or describe some funny stuff that they said but I would really not do it justice because I’m really not a funny guy and I would just butcher it—so I’m not even going to try… sorry. =)

At Whistler
Let me just say that Whistler is SWEEEETTT…!
We just loved everything about Whistler. All of us being somewhat country guys at heart, the busyness of Downtown Vancouver can sometimes be a little much at times. Don’t get us wrong, there’s something to be said about the bustling energy of Downtown… But it’s great to have a bit of a toned down break sometimes. Whistler fit the bill just right.

We had our limo driver do a bit of a road tour through the Whistler area to give us a quick impression of the area. It looked gorgeous, especially with some of the new snow that had come in.
After that, he dropped us all off at Whistler Village and we just basically spent the day walking through some of the hotels and stores to see where we want to stay when we come back to do some skiing and snowboarding. We also bought some supplies (clothes, ski/snowboard gear) for next time. Logan bought a nice jacket for himself. Stuff there can be a little pricey, but Logan’s too lazy and doesn’t like to waste time going from store to store to shop when he can be hanging out at home.

Hotel-wise for next time, we’re thinking either the Carleton Lodge or Cascade Lodge. Really not sure which one yet. We’ll ask some of our Vancouver buddies for some recommendations. Other than that, we had some really good food. For lunch, we went to Rim Rock Café & Oyster Bar, which we heard was THE go-to place to eat at in Whistler. I personally don’t usually like fine dining, but this place actually lived up to expectations. Elliot, on the other hand, was not a huge fan of it—neither was Bear. It’s probably because they really like to eat and although the food tasted really good, the portions were smaller than ideal. For dinner went to the buffet at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. Now THIS place had nobody complaining. Good food, spacious, cozy ambiance, great service, and lots of food. We stuffed ourselves silly.
In between meals, we had some ice cream from the ice cream shop with the big cow in front of it, and also some beaver tails, which are these large, flat sweet pastry things. Bear, being the beast that he his, ate 2 beaver tails and 2 ice cream cones. We also stopped by this “apparently legendary” bakery called Purebread—some of the best cookies and pie, ever. Man, all the food at Whistler was so good.

I just love the atmosphere at Whistler, with the crisp air, sparkling snow and warm lodges. I also really love just sitting inside eating a warm gourmet meal while looking outside at the calm, peaceful site of snow and mountains. And just check out their Peak to Peak gondola!!!!

like… WHAT?!

Anyway, that was pretty much our weekend. We’re really looking forward to going back a little over a month from now finally test out the slopes. Our Calgary friends are going to be super jealous…

I’m out!

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