The Chief at Squamish

Hey guys, Hunter here…
Last weekend we went over to squamish, which is on the way to Whistler from Vancouver, to check out the hike up the Chief.

About the Chief

ChiefThe Chief (officially known as the “Stawamus Chief”) is a huge chunk of granite that sticks out of the earth and overlooks the town of Squamish.  It stick up a little more than 400m above the ground surrounding it.  More info on the “Stawamus Chief” from wikipedia here

The Ride Going There

We woke up quite early, around 7 in the morning and took logan’s car there. there was a lot of traffic going over the lionsgate bridge. beautiful bridge, by the way… it was our first time going over it. the view from the bridge is amazing… you can see up the fraser river all the way down to the next city over and you can also see all the properties overlooking the water in north vancouver. breathtaking view… not the kind of thing you would be able to see back in calgary. (sorry calgary)


The Hike Going Up

As we were pulling up to the parking area, we could see some brave people climbing up the sheer face of the mountain—wow.

The hike going up was pretty chill, compared to most hikes Ive been on.  It was also quiet enjoyable, being in the shade for most of the hike up.

There was a nice mixture of terrain, from forest paths, stone or wood staircases, to ladders and rock faces. all in all it took about an hour and a half to get up there.
They’ve got three peaks that you can hike up to.  We had some extra time on our hands so we went to all three peaks.  It added another hour or two to our total hiking time, but we had a blast.  Here’s what it looks like from the top.

Chief-PanoThe view from the top was real pretty.  You can see big mountain ranges in the distance and the color of the water in the bay was a rich, light, milky blue color.  Going back down was a little hard on the knees.

I’d definitely recommend the Chief as a nice enjoyable hike.

Next week we’ve got another hiking trip planned…  We’re going to tackle the infamous Grouse Grind.  We hear its killer and really popular among Vancouverites.

Stay tuned!

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