Krazy Kayaking

Hey guys, it’s hunter here.

We were in Vancouver doing a bit of shopping at MEC awhile ago. (MEC stands for Mountain Equipment Co-op and they are an outdoor gear and clothing store.) We were doing a bit of shopping preparing for a hike that we had coming up and we met these really cool dudes there. They said that they’re into kayaking. They were at MEC picking up some gear for a crazy kayaking trip they had planned out that Lions Bay. Apparently, drainage ditch kayaking has become pretty big lately. It’s when people hike up these long drainage ditches with their kayaks and ride all the way down at incredible speeds.

We had heard about it before and thought it was really interesting but we’ve never seen anybody actually do it or any videos of people doing it. We exchanged emails and they said that they would send us a video later on.

I just saw the video today. They said drainage ditch kayaking was super sick and man, he was not joking. Check out the video below.

Was that not just completely mind blowing?

I love how you can see a couple bushes getting tossed up into the air from the paddles.

It looks super terrifying but also super fun—the perfect ingredients for on awesome sport.

This particular drainage ditch is a 800 meter descent and they reached speeds over 70 kilometres per hour!

The Grouse Grind is a 1000m descent. We hiked up Grouse a while ago and I can tell you that 800m is no short descent.

70km/h may not be that fast, but when you’re in a kayak and are basically sitting a few inches off the ground, 70km/h feels really fast. I’d be scared at the thought of rolling the kayak while careening down that ditch at that speed.

And when they finally hit the water at the bottom, that looks like a case for some potentially serious whiplash, if it’s not hit right.


These guys have balls.

I’m going to go talk to the other guys and see if I can convince them to give this a try. Not sure what my chances are, but wish me luck. =)

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