How To Be A Vancouverite in Vancouver

Coming to Vancouver from Calgary, it was a bit of a culture shock, despite being in the same country. Calgary and Vancouver are actually quite different. Over the past while, I’ve consciously noticed a bunch of ways people in Vancouver do things differently than in Calgary and for this post, I’ve compiled a bit of a list on how I have learned to adapt as a new Vancouverite. This post is partly for my own record-keeping or journalling, but I think some of you back home and new friends here will get a kick out of this list. I hope you find it entertaining.

Here goes a shortlist of 5 things:

1. How to say “Vancouver” like a Vancouverite

Before coming here, I pronounced Vancouver just like how it’s spelled… Van… Couver… NOW, I’ve learned the real way to say it, which is to add a G in the middle so that it is pronounced Vang… Couver. I find adding the G makes it a lot more comfortable to say. Saying Vancouver like a Vancouverite lets it roll right of the tongue. I wish I had figured that one out much sooner.

2. How to dress like Vancouverite

The culture here leans towards favoring an active healthy lifestyle with a mix of urban artistic attitude.  The result is the Vancouver fashion sense which includes a lot of yoga pants, skinny jeans and hipster gear.

3. Love sports (hockey) like a Vancouverite

Sure, Calgarians love their sports… but, at least where I live, keeping up with all things hockey and the Canucks is serious business. It’s almost a crime punishable by law to not be super up to date with all the Canucks players and all the highlights of the previous games.

 4. Get around like a Vancouverite

The two socially acceptable extremes to transportation are either riding a single geared bike (fixie) everywhere you go, or drive a really expensive car. Everything else in between is just sort of frowned upon. This sounds like an exaggeration, but my Vancouver friends will back me up.

5. Be super proud of your city

If there was a term for patriotism for one’s city, Vancouverites would probably fit the bill perfectly. Everyone that lives here seems to be really proud of their city, claiming that it’s the most beautiful place in the world—even people who have never been any where else. I agree that Vancouver is a nicer place than Calgary. Vancouver’s got the mountains, the ocean, the pretty downtown area and tons of activities to do. Is it the most beautiful place in the world? It tends to rank as one of the most livable cities in the world. It’s a little odd to me that people that have never gone anywhere else would claim it to be.

So that’s it. Let me know what you think. ;)

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