Grouse Grind, Golly Gee…!

Last week we all went to hike up the Chief in Squamish
This weekend we hiked up Grouse mountain.

The hike is known locally as the “Grouse Grind”.
The hike up the Chief hike and Grouse Grind are very different.

Let’s just say they call it the Grouse Grind for a reason.

Where the Chief was a nice leisurely hike with a lot of variety, the Grouse Grind is like a solid hard hour of nothing but stone or wooden stairs steps.

Where the Chief was a little over 400m in elevation from the ground, Grouse is more than double that at an increase of 1000m from the ground.

We got to go over the Lionsgate Bridge again on the way there.  I’ll never get tired of that view…  Speaking of bridge views, I really love the view going northbound over Granville St. bridge, heading into downtown.  You see water on either side and a ton of majestic looking highrises in front of you.

The funny thing about starting the Grouse Grind is that you hike about 15 minutes up some rather treacherous terrain and you pass by a sign that says “Grouse Grind starts here”. haha, hilarious… It wasn’t a big deal to us because we do a good amount of hiking, but we saw some other people doing it for the first time and the look on their faces was just pure horror.

I don’t think there’s much else to say about the hike going up.   Its a long monotonous staircase up the mountain.

Unlike the chief, however, there’s a ton of stuff up at the top. grouse is a popular place to ski in the winter time so there are buildings and things up there.  There’s a bird sanctuary, a store, small theater and some restaurants.

We were able to catch a live lumberjack show where a few actors put on an entertaining comedy show. Found a video of the show on youtube:

After that, we took the gondola down back to the parking lot.  There isnt much of a view at the top of grouse until you take the gondola down.  The view was still kinda just meh…

On the way up, we had this hardcore old guy that zoomed past us.  He must’ve been like 70 years old.  Impressive…

That’s all for this post!

Until next time…

The 5 guys from Calgary

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