About Us

Hey all!

Welcome to 5Calgary.  We’re a group of 5 super cool guys from downtown Calgary—born and raised.  We’ve been best buds since 1999 after meeting in elementary school.  There’s Hunter, Elliot, Lucas, Logan and Owen.

This blog follows all the stuff we get up to, which usually centers around hiking, adventure seeking, site seeing, eating and partying.  But really, anything goes.

All five of us have just recently moved to Vancouver.  We’re still the 5 dudes from downtown Calgary, but the plan is to hang around here in Vancouver for at least the next few years.  We’ve only been here a few months, but so far we love it.

We wanna explore all the hiking spots around here, eat at all the top restaurants, check out the popular places to hang out and just live it up.  There’s a lot to do here in Vancouver, so I imagine it’s going to take us a while.


Here’s a bit about each of us:


Hunt’s a real momma’s boy, and we love making fun of him for it.  As of a few months ago, he was the only one out of the 5 of us to still be living at his parent’s place.  He was pretty happy about finally moving out when we all came out to Vancouver.  That makes him a little less of a momma’s boy and makes it a little harder to make fun of him… but you can be sure he gets picked on the most—living with his parents was just one of many things…  Hunt really likes reading, looking at maps, loves history, and loves cooking.  We’re all sharing a house at the moment and he does all the cooking.  Gotta say, we’re grateful he’s got cooking skills.  His cooking is one thing we don’t disrespect.  All in all, Hunt’s a good guy and 5calgary definitely wouldn’t be the same without him.  We love you Hunt… ya big whiny momma’s boy.  What’s for dinner?


When Big L’s not working out, he loves watching TV.  Some of his favorite shows include Shark Tank, Modern Family, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.  Big L’s also a big fan of another Elliot on youtube—a man that goes by the last name Hulse.  Yep, that guy.  Around the house, Elliot is the handy man.  He’s the go-to guy that fixes and renovates just about everything.  Since we’ve been in Vancouver, he’s built a new sun deck, painted the front stairs and porch, and added crown molding to the entire house.  Thanks Elliot.  =)  You’re a good man.


Lucas, aka “Lucky” is part half Irish, half Italian.  We like to call him Wiseguy Lucky, or just Lucky.  In college, he was a big baseball guy—loves the Boston Red Sox.  He played ball all through high school and college.  He was really close to making it pro, but had to pick between baseball and engineering.  Engineering won.  Lucas got an awesome job at a engineering firm here in Vancouver and he loves it.  He still plays baseball pretty regularly on the weekends.  Lucas and Elliot work together on some of the house reno projects.  Lucas does a lot of the planning and puts Elliot’s ideas down on paper.  You guys rock.  When’re we going to have that 3rd and 4th storey added to the house?


Logan, aka “the Bear” is a beast… as in he eats and sleeps like a beast.  Poor ol’ Hunt gets stressed out over how much he needs to cook to keep the Bear’s appetite at ease.  Logan loves his video games.  His favorite video game franchise of all time is Assassin’s Creed, with Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft being the next runner’s up.  He plays some casual mobile games here and there but mostly when he’s killing time on the crapper.  Contrary to his name, he is not a huge fan of the outdoors and likes to stay home instead of coming out to hike with the rest of us, but he’s always up for joining us when it’s time to eat.


Owen’s hilarious…  He did some stand-up comedy in college and he was pretty stoked when he found the comedy club at Granville Island.  One of his childhood idols is Ryan Stiles, the guy from “Whose Line is it Anyway”.  Owen loves Chinese food—the dim sum and the chow mein.  Two reasons he loves heading down across the bridge to Richmond—it’s where the good Chinese food is, and it’s where Ryan Stiles grew up.  When he’s not doing comedy stuff, he loves riding his motorcycle.  We like to call him out on trying to be badass with his motorcycle to compensate for his dorkiness.  haha…

Never realized how much we don’t have in common until we wrote this about page.  It’s surprising that we even get along.  Opposites attract I guess…?  We love our differences and appreciate what each person brings to the table.

Anyway, that’s us.  Peace out!